Join Us as a TAA Commodities Partner

Throughout its growth, TAA Commodities endeavours to always create long term relationships with its clients, suppliers, service providers, and employees.

TAA Commodities is open to and thrives on new business development inclusive of; more quality processors /suppliers product lines, new distribution channels from new buyers for our pre-existing product lines or in the recruitment of qualified new representatives around the globe with the same dedication and aspirations as our existing team.

Experienced meat, poultry , seafood and commodities traders. With strong communication skills, sales ability, honesty, integrity, appropriate levels of successful deal closures and high self motivation are welcome to contact us.

We also offer investors from time to time opportunities to joint venture with us on some of our own sale & purchase contracts. Simply selling our products to our existing clients, for a profit share with full transparency. As an alternative source of Trade Finance, than just simply paying Banks the standard method of interest. As we often find these type of investors then turn into on going partners long term. Once they appreciate first hand of the many possibilities working with us brings.

Please simply complete the short bullet question form below, which is of the most relevance to you. We will then be in touch with you at our soonest. To possibly extend; a representative position, a business service relationship or a JV cooperation together.

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