Welcome To T.A.A. Commodities

T.A.A. COMMODITIES is a fast growing export, import and trading company. With its headquarters in Australia and representation in other parts of the globe inclusive of Vietnam, China, and the Eastern block region.

The group deal in an array of Meat Offal's , Poultry, further processed products and a select few soft and hard bulk commodities. We have a worldwide extensive base of access from over 30 countries of quality; producers, slaughterers, wholesalers/distributors , importers, foodservice, and further processor /manufacturers. Where we get to capitalise quickly upon opportunities which arise via our vast international access and provide these direct opportunities onto our clients. Our management have a collective experience of over 20 years plus in the international trade as well as the finance sector, thus providing various value added third party advisory service's when dealing with us.

With a present focus on the rapidly expanding Asian markets and with representation in these regions enables us to open up further sale channels also for our producers. With the capability to purchase product from many foreign countries and on selling to our third party countries, not only provides a wider range of product but ability to match certain price point benchmarks , satisfying even our most demanding client's. The ability to adapt swiftly to such changes in the global market place of; heightened security risks, disease outbreaks and ever evolving free trade agreements between various countries, we provide the benefit to our clients with fast alternative supply options if and when needed.

Our team pride ourselves on trust, honesty and dedication in going above and beyond on each transaction to maintain long term relationships with all our global partners.